Friday 24 April 2015

Gender Reveal Party

This Moustaches and Bows gender reveal party was so much fun to plan and execute! It was a joint effort between Mamma-to-be Anna, myself and my BFF Claudette. Anna saw a photo of a cake that she really liked, and the whole theme of the party snowballed from there.

I have to be honest, this is not my favourite cake. The fondant I used to cover the cake was awful, left a pitted and elephant skin surface which I just could not remedy, so I piped all over it with royal icing (it was originally supposed to just be a decorative edge to the bracket frames). Unfortunately, my arm is just not yet up to the task and my piping looks really terrible viewed close up. I think I need a bit more practice with the chalkboard effect too. Thankfully, Anna and Paul loved it.

All the decorations, and most of the food, was hand made by the three of us. Anna spent hours folding all the concertinas to make the rosettes! Our friend Erin cut all the triangles for the bunting. All the little moustaches and bows were cut on my silhouette cameo.

The food was all themed to the old Nursery Rhyme "What are little boys made of?" Each table (blue and pink) had the following framed artwork on it. Click on the images to download the pdf for your own use.

On the blue table we had cocktail sausage snails, worm pudding, nuts, crisps and sandwiches. My daughter watched us set up the table, checking off each item against the nursery rhyme. She was happy with the snails and decided that worms were close enough to slugs, but then we put down the nuts and she exclaimed: "Nuts? But boys don't have nuts!" Needles to say, party preparations stopped for a few  minutes while we all rolled around on the floor laughing!

How cute are the snails that Claudette made?!? And they tasted great too - never thought I'd actually eat snails ;)

The girls table had gingerbread cookies, strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate dipped pretzels and caramel popcorn balls. All very sweet and very yummy!

Actually, both tables had gingerbread cookies on, but I couldn't only make bow cookies, those moustaches are too cute!

We even dressed up the drinks dispensers, and coloured the punch too.

As guests arrived they were directed to the table below. They were to vote for whether they thought Baby Robinson was going to be a girl or boy - write their name on the relevant bow/moustache, and pop it in the jar, then take a bow/moustache pin and wear it throughout the party. They could also suggest names for the baby.

Once everyone had arrived we played a couple of games. First up was a Quiz based on old wives tales. Everyone got a quiz sheet and had a few minutes to complete the quiz (some worked in groups). Once they had finished it, we went through the answers and had Anna and Paul test each of the tales. We ended up with the baby being just as likely to be a boy as a girl.

I found the Old Wives Tales Quiz at a blog called Through Clouded Glass, but adapted it to fit our party theme. Click on the image above to download the pdf.

Then we played a team game. All those who voted girl formed a seated line along one side of the room, boy along the other side. We ended up with 2 more on the boy team than the girl team, so one switched sides to make it even. The aim of the game was to pass a cup down the line, passing it from lap to lap without touching it with anything but your legs.

It was quite hilarious to watch! The team who voted for Baby Robinson to be a girl won.

With that, it was time to cut the gender-revealing cake! Drumroll please...

It's a GIRL!!!

Just look how happy they are :)

Both wearing pink bows, they were very pleased with the pink cake.

Happy Mamma!

We had also set a photo booth up for guests to entertain themselves throughout the evening. We supplied plenty of props in the way of hats and wigs as well as a good selection of cardboard cut outs on sticks - moustaches and bows of course, glasses, lips and bow ties.

It was a lot of fun!
Congratulations Paul and Anna, we can't wait to meet the little lady!

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