Wednesday 29 April 2015

Adventure Time Cake

A friend of mine's son is really into Adventure Time, so she asked me to make him an Adventure Time themed cake as a surprise for his birthday.

The cake is vanilla sponge (recipe in this post) with vanilla buttercream filling, and covered in blue coloured white chocolate ganache (no fondant covering).

To decorate the cake, I started with a sketch, which I turned into a template. Feel free to use it.

I cut the template out and made sure it fit onto the top of my covered cake (I had to add a little bit to the top right of the design).

Then I cut out all the templates for the different prices of the design. The top one is for the black, the bottom ones for all the other colours.

First I cut the black piece of fondant and lay it on a piece of baking paper, ready to layer on the colours.
I started with the colour that covered the most area - yellow, laying the template over the rolled out fondant, and cut around it with an exact knife. I separated the yellow piece into 3 separate pieces at the weak points, then carefully stuck them onto the black piece with edible glue.

Next came the white - also separated into two pieces to make it easier to move into place.

Once all the colours are added, the completed image is transferred onto the cake.

I used a ribbon cutter to make a sword blade and stuck that around the side of the cake.

Then I prepared a template for the handle of the sword

and cut the letters for the name to go on the sword. I left the letters to harden a bit before I stuck them onto the cake, because both the top and bottom of the letter extend over the edge of the sword and won't be attached to anything.

Finally, I added a yellow skirt to the cake board. I do this by cutting a long ribbon wide enough to cover the board, then gently ease it around the cake, smoothing it onto the board, then cutting off the excess.

Once a red ribbon is added to the edge of the board, the cake is finished!

My friend kindly sent me a photo of the inside of the cake. I coloured the buttercream to perfectly match the colour of the ganache and made the sponge yellow - 'white' cake and buttercream just seemed too boring for an Adventure Time cake!

Happy Birthday Ollie! I hope you had a wonderful day.

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