Monday 25 February 2013

Cristin's Cookies Mystery Cookie Cutter Challenge

Cristin from Cristin's Cookies set a challenge at the beginning of the month, for a number of cookiers to buy her mystery cookie cutter and design a cookie for it, without knowing the intended design for the cutter. I was very excited to take part in this challenge, as she had opened it up internationally (she is based in California, USA). So, here are the results followed by the names of the cookiers who made them and links to their pages/blogs.

1)    Michelle of Wonderland Cake and Company Co

2)    Heather of Twins Plus One Goodies

3)    Leah of Simply Eden Baked Goods

4)    Amy of One Preppy Cookie

6)    Elaine of Elaine’s Sweet Life

7)    Megan of Sweet Baketique

9)    Traci of Cookie Queen Kitschn 

10)  Channing of TheCookieMaster

11)  Cristin of Cristin’s Cookies

What a fun challenge!
I must have Easter on the brain, because I just had to come up with an Easter design for my cookie. I became determined to make an Easter chick, wearing rabbit ears, fit into that shape! And so my little Easter chick came into being.

Thanks Cristin! I look forward to participating in further challenges.