Saturday, 9 May 2015

Frozen Cake!

Well, it finally happened! A friend asked me to make a Frozen Cake, my very FIRST Frozen Cake! I'm sure many of you cake bakers out there have got bored of making them, and I apologise to readers who are sick and tired of seeing them, but I was thrilled to finally get to make one. I almost managed to make it without singing "Let it go," but the opportunity to tease my kids was just to good, especially once I started tossing on the sprinkles! 

I made the ice on the cake by melting Fox's Mints on a silicone sheet in the oven, then stirred ice blue gel colour into the resulting sticky mess. Once I was happy with the colour, I returned it to the oven for a couple of minutes to remelt a bit and settle into a smooth sheet. Once the candy cooled I shattered it with the edge of a bench scraper.

The sides of the cakes are airbrushed with DinkyDoodle airbrush colour. I used sky blue for the top half of the cake, and mixed a darker blue using sky blue, purple, hot pink and black. I then sprayed on a coat of pearl to give it a bit of shimmer and shine. I LOVE my airbrush!!

The cake is my deliciously moist Rich Dark Chocolate Cake with light vanilla buttercream filling, coated with milk/plain chocolate ganache and covered in fondant.

All the characters are plastic Disney figurines, bought by my friend to add to my cake.


  1. How did you make the cake so high? It doesnt bake like that for me

    1. I bake multiple cakes and layer them with buttercream to get that height. I generally bake two sponges, then torte them (slice each one in half) so that I have 4 layers for each cake.