Saturday, 9 May 2015

Frozen Cake!

Well, it finally happened! A friend asked me to make a Frozen Cake, my very FIRST Frozen Cake! I'm sure many of you cake bakers out there have got bored of making them, and I apologise to readers who are sick and tired of seeing them, but I was thrilled to finally get to make one. I almost managed to make it without singing "Let it go," but the opportunity to tease my kids was just to good, especially once I started tossing on the sprinkles! 

I made the ice on the cake by melting Fox's Mints on a silicone sheet in the oven, then stirred ice blue gel colour into the resulting sticky mess. Once I was happy with the colour, I returned it to the oven for a couple of minutes to remelt a bit and settle into a smooth sheet. Once the candy cooled I shattered it with the edge of a bench scraper.

The sides of the cakes are airbrushed with DinkyDoodle airbrush colour. I used sky blue for the top half of the cake, and mixed a darker blue using sky blue, purple, hot pink and black. I then sprayed on a coat of pearl to give it a bit of shimmer and shine. I LOVE my airbrush!!

The cake is my deliciously moist Rich Dark Chocolate Cake with light vanilla buttercream filling, coated with milk/plain chocolate ganache and covered in fondant.

All the characters are plastic Disney figurines, bought by my friend to add to my cake.

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