Monday 9 June 2014

Baby Blessing Cake

So you may have noticed that there have not been very many decorated cakes on my blog lately. This is because I am having some problems with my right arm (shoulder and neck issues) which also happens to be my dominant arm. As a result, I can barely use my arm or hand and have had to cancel all of my cake orders. But there was one cake I just had to make - my friend's baby's blessing cake. Only, I didn't actually make the cake, my friend did, under my direction. Doesn't it look amazing? And she has never done anything like this before either!

The cake is a chocolate/vanilla chequerboard cake, all stuck together with ganache.

Then covered in buttercream - just look at those straight lines.

And then the white fondant (I love The Mat by Sweetwise).

She was so amazed and happy that it worked!

Well done my friend!


  1. Thanks Elaine I had a good teacher and you helped to make out baby's day even better

    1. You are great my friend, and been such a help to me. I just love your baby to bits too! Well have you crafting your own cakes in no time :)