Monday 27 January 2014

Baby Shower

A little while ago I wrote about a gender reveal cake I made. Well now baby is nearly due, so we threw a baby shower for the Mum-to-be. I designed the invitations, then themed the party from that.

The cake is a black forrest gateaux, iced in buttercream with fondant figurine and laundry.

We tried to make the room really cosy, like a baby's nursery, and draped wash lines full of onesies across the room.

Individual squares for the cot quilt were made by different friends, then I took them all and assembled the quilt.

We had a 'design a onesie' station. There were some really beautiful onseies created!

Instead of a guest book, each guest was asked to write a message on a little card onesie, then hang it on the framed wash line.

We played various games such as "Don't Say Baby"

and "Name That Poopy" (various brands of chocolate melted into nappies,
you then have to try and guess what they are.)

Mum-to-be got a few penalties as she tried to guess what was in her gifts.

She had to eat a chocolate bar out of a potty full of apple juice.... baby food and drink from a bottle.

I just loved this photo of Dad-to-be that I took at the end of the evening.

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