Sunday 13 May 2012

Cars, Ducks, Dogs and Lego

So we managed to get out a bit this weekend, after being cooped up at home the last few weeks it was just what we needed.

We started off the weekend with a bit of car shopping, Jon enjoyed helping himself to hot chocolate, while Tasha fancied herself a salesperson. Not the kids favourite weekend activity, but we made up for it later with a BBQ a la Howard and movie.

Today, after church, we had a simple picnic lunch, went for a short walk and fed the ducks, swans and geese. Jon drew quite a crowd of greedy swans round him, but Tasha was particularly delighted with the ducklings.

Uma got to play with her 'boyfriend' next door. It is so fun watching these two young dogs chase each other around, leaping over each other and tumbling around.

And we played with Lego - working on Tasha's homework project, a Roman style sun temple.

It was quite the family collaboration, but Jonathan decided that is wasn't fair that Tasha was getting the credit for the construction (as it was her homework), so he posted this on fb:

Kids are so funny :)

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