Tuesday 17 April 2012

Hyde Park

Last week we spent a few days in London, on one of those days we took Uma into the city with us and spent the entire day in Hyde Park. This was probably the highlight of our week, the weather was perfect and we explored the park from end to end, and then back again. The kids ran all over the place with Uma, investigating, chasing pigeons, climbing statues, jumping in puddles left from the overnight rain, watching squirrels, rolling on the lawn and even getting another little girl involved in an energetic game of 'it', Uma's favourite game. We licked ice creams, had a picnic lunch and munched Krispy Kreme doughnuts. When we reached the recreation part of the Serpentine, Uma got a little over excited at the sight of all the ducks and chased them right in to the water, slipping down the algae covered slope straight in to deep water - I had to haul her out by her whiskers! Needles to say, she didn't go in to the water again and the ducks were safe, if fact, they almost seemed to be taunting her, keeping pace beside us as we walked, but staying just out of reach :) The swans however were another story, they took offence to Uma's barks and, to Tasha's horror, swam right up, puffing them selves up and hissing angrily, neither dog nor swan would back down, so we had to quickly move on. It was really very funny.

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