Tuesday 15 May 2012

Happy Cookies

I made these cookies just for fun (and because I'm still experimenting with my cookie recipe). All the sunshine and flowers outdoors inspired me to use bright cheerful colours.

Howard really loves 'Iced Zoo' biscuits, so I decided to make cookies after that pattern, but wanted to do something other than putting animals on to them as I did on these:

I really liked the words I piped on to some of the cookies for Tasha's pamper party, so I thought I would do words again, since I was making them for my family I went for happy, family related words.

The kids loved them and kept asking: "may I please eat forever?" or "can I please eat Uma?" This may not seem so strange while you are looking at the cookies, but when asked randomly through the day while you are busy with other things it can be quite amusing. It became a game, with each child trying to out do the other to come up with the funniest question. I will have to make a set with funny words on them sometime!


  1. So cute! I love how cute kids get around cookies.

    1. Thanks Melissa. Why do you think I bake so much? Keeps them cute ALL the time ;)