Monday 9 June 2014

Baby Blessing Cake

So you may have noticed that there have not been very many decorated cakes on my blog lately. This is because I am having some problems with my right arm (shoulder and neck issues) which also happens to be my dominant arm. As a result, I can barely use my arm or hand and have had to cancel all of my cake orders. But there was one cake I just had to make - my friend's baby's blessing cake. Only, I didn't actually make the cake, my friend did, under my direction. Doesn't it look amazing? And she has never done anything like this before either!

The cake is a chocolate/vanilla chequerboard cake, all stuck together with ganache.

Then covered in buttercream - just look at those straight lines.

And then the white fondant (I love The Mat by Sweetwise).

She was so amazed and happy that it worked!

Well done my friend!