Saturday 13 July 2013

Three Princesses One Cake

So a friend of mine asked me to make a birthday cake for a little girl who loves Disney princesses, specifically Cinderella (her favourite), Rapunzel and Belle. I must have gone through half a dozen designs before I settled on my favourite. The trick was, I wanted to include enough detail for each princess that they could be easily identified without actually having all three as figurines on the cake.

So Cinderella got one of her little blue birds, floating pretty ribbons around her.

Pascal got to feature on behalf of Rapunzel. He is also clinging to a long rope of Rapunzel's hair, which wraps more than twice around the cake. I just love Pascal, definitely my favourite bit on this cake :)

 And representing Belle is the ruffled golden yellow dress and the red rose. 

At the party I was presented with these stunning roses (and a box of chocolates) to say thank you. They are beautiful and so fragrant, I can smell them all through my house this evening.