Tuesday 21 April 2015

New York, Hoboken and Carlo's Bakery!

I got a very special treat last week - I got to spend a week in New York while my hubby was there for work. It was a really wonderful week of sightseeing, eating, shopping and spending quality time with my other half.

New York is quite a remarkable place, you are never quite sure what you might see as you turn the corner.

One place I really wanted to visit while I was there was Carlo's Bakery.

The original one, in Hoboken, New Jersey.

I'd read about the queues one can face when you go there, but we seemed to have chosen a good day, it wasn't too busy. It looks a lot different now to how it looked in the TV shows.

There I am, that's me, in Carlos Bake Shop!

The cabinets were filled to the brim with delicious looking baked treats.

But there was one particular item that drew me to Carlo's, and it wasn't the celebration cakes! (This was just as well, or I would have been bitterly disappointed. The cakes they had on display were decidedly boring and ordinary.)

I was there to try Buddy's Lobster Tails.

We also threw in a couple of his famous Cannoli for good measure.

The Cannoli were nice, but as much as Buddy goes on about how smooth his cannoli cream is, we found it a bit grainy.

The Lobster Tails however, were a different story!

They were absolutely DELICIOUS! The pastry was crisp and flaky and the cream was incredibly smooth, light and flavourful, and there was a lot of it.

The Lobster Tail was a winner in my book. I am going to have to try and make them myself now, as that is definitely a pastry I want to eat again!

We wandered around Hoboken a bit, taking in the sights.

And found a marvellous view of New York across the river.

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