Monday 15 December 2014

Pink Castle Cake

This is a cake a friend and I made together last week, she will hopefully also soon be my brand new business partner! The cake was for my next door neighbour's little girl's first birthday.

The bottom cake is an 11" vanilla sponge with vanilla icing and the top cake is a 7" chocolate sponge with chocolate icing. The turrets are all vanilla sponge and vanilla icing.

The purple spires are made by airbrushing waffle ice cream cones. For a bit of fun, we filled them with MnM's and capped them with an Oreo.

The vines are piped on with royal icing, with little fondant flowers and the 'road' is coloured sugar.

The colour in my photos is not that great as I had to take them late in the evening when it was dark, but with a little help from my son, a sheet of white plastic and multiple iPhone torches, I think we managed OK!

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