Monday 11 June 2012


Last week the kids were on half-term break, so we decided to go camping with some friends. We arrived to sunny blue skies and set up camp.

No sooner had we done that, then the weather turned to this:

And we ended up doing this:

The rainbow was rather pretty though!

The next morning was cool, but dry, so we made our way over to the farm and went on tractor rides...

...petted some animals...

...explored the whole farm, played Pooh sticks from the bridges over the stream, played in the park, rode bikes...

...and by lunch time we were back to this again:

But when has a bit of rain ever stopped us from having some fun?

Up next was the duck race.

Our duck came second!!

Then there was more playground playing and hay bale mazes, more animals to look at and more bike riding.

The night that followed was not as much fun, the wind picked up and started pulling our guy ropes out and both kids had panic attacks through the night. The following morning there was a sever weather warning for gale force winds, so we reluctantly packed up our tent and headed home. All in all though, we had a great time and are already planning our next camping trip (hopefully in better weather).

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